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Cyber security is the most important issues facing the industry and business because the financial consequences can be catastrophic. Cyber attack compromises business security and take over control on business operation.  To manage facilities operation located in different countries on the globe in real-time the systems must be interconnected trough the Internet networks. The buildings assets and data are the most valuable for business operation. Possible disruptions in lightings, or HVAC system can affects facilities safety and business operation. Many cyber professionals says: It is not if an attack will happen; it is only when.

The possible scenario: if a building's automation system is compromised, the results are: building's sprinklers and smoke alarms are to fail when called to act, building the elevators are disabled that results with serious financial consequences or fatalities. The failure of the HVAC system can rise a building temperature, disrupt cooling servers room that can damage all IT equipment, even starts a fire. The BAS controls the access to employee's and customers records, hackers can copy or erase all data, and take control of the facilities operation. Compromise of customer’s personal information would have negative publicity, which would lead to lossing customers, and potential lawsuits.The basics cyber security requirements are: password access and firewalls. Successful cyber security involves multiple paths of defense and layers of protection like implementing various devices and systems across a building network.  High security is the result of a business team work: the IT people, system integrators, managers and employees.