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Cyber security is the most important issues facing the real estate industry. The consequences for business from a cyber attack can be catastrophic. Cyber attack can compromises building security and facility control systems. Cyber attacks within the building environment are becoming more frequent and sophisticated and now should be taken seriously.

Building control systems is highly interconnected through the Ethernet, the Internet and cloud computing because building can be controlled and managed from any place on the globe in real-time. These systems are interconnected trough the Ethernet and Internet networks. The buildings are the most valuable business assets. The building data is extremely valuable.  And it is not only about ability to turn the lights on or off, or controlling the building's temperature. Possible disruptions to lightings, or HVAC controls can affects business productivity, safety or freeze a business operation. Here are possible scenarios: If a building automation system is compromised, the building's sprinklers and smoke alarms are to fail when called to act, or in a multi-story are building the elevators are disabled that results with serious financial consequences or fatalities. What if an unauthorized person enters a building and starts shutting people or sets a bomb? Even the failure of the HVAC system can rise a building temperature that can damage equipment and building infrastructure even starting a fire. A Building Automated System can be used as an entrance onto the computers systems in the facilities network.  Being inside the network can access all employee's and customers records, copy or erase business data, and control the facilities or buildings operation. If these would have happened in for any business or industries the consequences would be catastrophic including a shutdown of operation. Compromise of customer’s personal information would have negative publicity, loss of customers, potential lawsuits, and financial losses.The basics cyber security mechanisms are password access and requirements, VPN’s, firewalls and software patches. Many cyber professionals says: It is not if an attack will happen; it is only when.  But successful cyber threat prevention involves multiple paths of defense and layers of protection like implementing various devices and systems across a building network.  High security is the result of a business team work: the IT people, system integrators, managers and employees.